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Component 2.7

Contraceptive Procedures: LARC Insertion/Removal and Diaphragm Fitting


  • Remove barriers/delays to receiving LARCs. For example, do not require Pap test or negative STI results for asymptomatic patients prior to inserting LARCs.1
  • Train staff on insertion/removal procedures for all LARCs (including assistive staff). Offer annual LARC update training.
  • Arrange mentorship programs for clinic staff and provide mentoring for outside clinicians.1
  • Encourage single-day insertion appointments.1,2
  • Maintain an adequate supply of LARCs to ensure same-day availability and use of Paragard® as EC.1,2
  • Train staff on diaphragm fitting. Offer Caya® as an alternative diaphragm that doesn’t require fitting.
  • Stock and dispense spermicidal formulation appropriate for use with a diaphragm.


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  2. UCSF LARC Program: http://larcprogram.ucsf.edu